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Quest Kayaking Lessons

On March 12 Quest had their last kayaking lesson for the Spring semester.  Every semester, students like Ryan Lutz, AJ Snyder, and Emily Fogoros,...
I Don't Wanna Be a Robot

Open Mic Night

On February 22nd BU's Program Board hosted their monthly Open Mic Night at the Fireside Lounge, in the Kehr Union building.  Many young talented...

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Bloomsburg Fair Discounted Student Tickets

“SPECIAL BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY STUDENT DISCOUNT!”-BU Students List An opportunity was emailed through the BU Students List this morning, students have access to discounted Bloomsburg...

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Fair Or Unfair? You Decide

Twenty year old Steven Sverchek changed out of his dress pants and shirt and slipped into something a little more comfortable after a long day of driving and court. Yes court: the kind you attend if you’ve done something wrong, or have been accused of something wrong.