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Must-Watch Movies for College Freshmen

*Editor's Note: The following article was submitted to BUnow by Jenna Banks* Movies can serve as a form of escape or a source of inspiration. If...

Dear Incoming Freshman

This article was originally published in 2016. Dear Incoming Freshman, Congratulations. You’ve graduated high school; all throughout your young lives you have probably heard, “High school...

5 Tips for Surviving Freshman Year

Freshman year of college comes with a lot of firsts. It may be your first time away from home, your first taste of independence,...

Summer Freshmen Advice

On June 29th, 2012, I walked onto the campus of Bloomsburg University, commonly referred to by many as “Boozeburg.” I remember the day I opened...

Freshman Year: 17 Lessons Learned

Freshman year of college is the most exciting, stressful and fun time of your life. In just one year, you get to do so much; from...

Freshmen Survival Kit

Are you nervous about coming to school?  Wish that someone would give you some helpful advice to tackle being a Bloomsburg University freshmen?  A...

Are Freshman Driving Privileges Necessary?

Do you really need a car on campus if you're a freshman? Opinions differ, according whom you ask.

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