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4 Tricks for Getting a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolutions

*Editor’s note: This year-long series about financial literacy is sponsored by PSECU. As the year ends, you may be thinking about what you’d like to...

Students’ Financial Fears in Uncertain Coronavirus Times

Students have been engaging in online study for the last month since Bloomsburg University announced canceling all classes and activities, including work-study and on-campus...

Financial Freedom with the Fettermans

BLOOMSBURG— Personal financial coach of Fetterman Financial Freedom, Alexis Fetterman, shared her story about how she and her husband got out of debt and...

The Party Isn’t Over – Why We’re on the Brink of Another Financial Crisis

In the last scene of a movie depicting a group of men who were able to predict the 2008 financial crisis and make money...

Professional U Hosts Financial Literacy Workshop

  Seniors are strongly encouraged to attend a Financial Literacy Workshop on Monday, February 17th at 5:00 p.m. at the Alumni House. Representatives from PSECU...

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How Do Ramen Noodles Really Affect Your Body?  

One of the most popular foods amongst college students is the quick and easy Ramen noodles. Add some water, flavoring packet, and noodles into...

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