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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Everyone

We’ve all been there, for some of us it happens every year. In the beginning of October we start brainstorming the most awesome and...

The Blimp Responsible for Bloomsburg’s Power Outage

So if you’re in the dark about why the power on campus went out, here’s the scoop: A military blimp the length of a...

How to Enjoy Fall in Bloomsburg

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The leaves and fashion are changing, the weather is getting cooler and the tans are fading. Students in Bloomsburg...

Stephenie Meyers “Reimagines” Twilight for its 10th Anniversary

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Twlight, Stephanie Meyers has published another book, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, to add to The Twilight...

Playboy Will No Longer Feature Nude Photos

Since Hugh Hefner launched his iconic Playboy magazine in 1953 featuring their first bombshell bunny, Marilyn Monroe, it has been a staple of every...

Lady Gaga Talks Depression, Anxiety and Sexual Assault

In 2012, Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, created the Born This Way Foundation. The foundation’s mission is as follows: “Born This Way Foundation...

Make-up Tutorials to Try This Halloween

Every girl knows make-up completes any outfit, but this especially holds true for Halloween costumes. We always see pictures on Pinterest of these super...

Halloween Drinking Games

What’s better than getting dressed up, eating way too much candy, and hanging with friends? Doing it while getting turnt’! Halloween is fast approaching...

One Couple’s Rankings of Disney Songs to Have Sex to

Cosmo is known for its sexy articles including sex tips, advice, lists of the best positions and much more.  It seems the sex topics...

Why Cosmo Calling the Kardashians “America’s First Family” is Spot-On

Cosmopolitan magazine is celebrating its 50th anniversary with its November issue and they’ve chosen none other than the Kardashian ladies to be on the...

It’s Personal Campaign Announced on the Quad

Today at 11:45 a.m., a new Bloomsburg University campaign called It's Personal was announced to all of the students, faculty and staff that packed the...

Do You Miss 90’s Nicktoons? “The Splat” is Here to Help!

Nickelodeon understands us millennials. Believe it or not, the 1990s ended 15 years ago - but the memes, pictures, slogans, and endless quotes of 90's...

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Top Ten Halloween Costumes of 2009

Halloween easily ranks number one among college students favorite holiday and it is easy to tell why. This is a time when we can still act like little kids, we get to dress up and be whatever we want. I saw the typical baseball players, football players, and referees, but I see those every year. This list will give you a look at the top ten best costumes of the night.

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