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The Legend of "Block Party Bert"

Excited for Block Party? Everyone is. But do you know the origins of Bloomsburg's infamous holiday? For the first time, the legend of Block Party is revealed.

Cup O’ Joe: 5th Serving

Joe Arleth questions his decision to attend Bloomsburg, shares some of his favorite blogs, and celebrates the glory that is "Halter Top" day.

Cup o' Joe: 2nd serving

Conspiracy theories, contest announcements, Block Party t-shirts, Wrestlemania talk, and some cheesy 80's music.

Sweet Music on a Historic Day

Forty years from now, our grandchildren will sit perched on our laps listening to our story about the day when everything changed. We will paint for them a vivid picture detailing exactly where we were and what we felt at that historic moment.

Renovating the Revolution – WBUQ 91.1fm Bloomsburg

Flip on the Radio. Tune it to 91.1fm. Listen and hear your peers-fellow students and staff-live on the airwaves in Bloomsburg. WBUQ “The Revolution” is Bloomsburg University’s student run radio station, which for years has run under the radar of the student population. This year the station is changing face—renovating “The Revolution” with a new icon, new general manager, new music, and new appeal

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