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Why people are seeking a “Dorito Bod” 

“Dorito Bods” are definitely not what you think. This is a play on words, and may be thinking in the wrong direction. Achieving a “dorito bod” is not about eating a lot of the tasty corn chip snack, but actually…

Exercise & Fitness is Majorly Trending

Within the last year or so, exercising and fitness has been trending. Many people are purchasing gym memberships to lose weight, stay fit, and build muscle. What’s the sudden rush on getting “gains”?  During the recent coronavirus pandemic, many citizens…

Guidelines To Staying Healthy At School

Even though this is my fourth year at school, sometimes it is still an adjustment. I’m used to relying on my mom’s home cooked meals during the summer, which is very different from the food that I consume at school….

Turkey Trot: 5k for the United Way

The United Way of Columbia County is holding its 2nd Annual Turkey Trot this year to raise funds for its charitable efforts. On Saturday, Nov. 8 at 8:30 a.m., there will be a 5K walk/run starting at The Links at…

Thigh Gap: Newest Exercise Craze

The newest craze to optain a “Thigh Gap” leads to eating disorders and unhealthy body images.

The benefits of exercise for the elderly

Many older adults do not receive a sufficient amount of exercise daily; however, incorporating and providing exercise options for elders to choose from can be both beneficial and enjoyable for this population. How should they best train?