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Studying Abroad: Embrace the Cliches

For most people, studying abroad is probably something you've heard of but have never really taken time to think about. It's a phrase that...

BREXIT – What Does it Mean?

If you pay attention to any world news you may have noticed the phrase "Brexit" repeated a lot in the last year or so...

Late-Game Heroics Lead to World Cup Victory for Canada

On Thursday night, Team Canada took home the World Cup of Hockey (WCH) 2016 Championship trophy after a thrilling, late-game comeback. The final score...

The Return of the World Cup of Hockey

For the first time since 2004, the World Cup of Hockey will be making a comeback. On Wednesday, the National Hockey League and the...

Antifreeze or Anti-Fireball?

If Fireball is your choice of drink, you will be sadly disappointed if you are planning on hopping onto a plane and going to...

L’amour à Paris

The beautiful Paris has much more to offer than just the Eiffel Tower, it is also the largest city of France. For those who didn't...

Ireland: The Emerald Isle

This week we'll discover Ireland. To give some perspective, this beautiful green country is about the size of the United States Indiana. The North...

When in Rome..

On my new hot spot vacations segment I'll begin with a tour of Europe, first stop: Rome. Each week I'll post a new city to travel!

Europe’s Deadly Winter

Europe has suffered some rather unusual and extremely harsh conditions this season

Around Europe in Three Weeks

Traveling around to six countries in three weeks could prove to be a difficult task, but in my case it was nothing but an experience of a lifetime. First stop in Germany, then onto Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, France, and finally England. The Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Royal Crowned Jewels, Anne Frank House & the Peace Palace were just a few of the main stops we took along the way.

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