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The Project to Save our Reefs

Deep below the Pacific Ocean in the Kaneohe Bay, lies miles of coral that are home to multiple thousands of species of fish. Along the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, the bay is the perfect snapshot of the marine life that…

DAPL Stopped!

Thanks to the actions of protesters, veterans, and natives, a potentially catastrophic environmental disaster had been prevented. #DAPL — CJ De Leo (@reelCJDeLeo) December 4, 2016 As of Dec.4, 2016, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has ceased. The pipeline,…

Doctor Lawrence is not a Medical Doctor

“Damn you, Dr. Lawrence. I’ll never be able to throw away a bottle again,” one student said to Dr. Claire Lawrence. A professor of creative writing at Bloomsburg University, Lawrence tries to teach her students the importance of recycling, and the benefits it has for the Earth.

BU goes green with environmentally friendly wood boiler.

The $2 million project allows the university to replace one of its 1951 vintage coal stoker boilers with a new, large capacity wood-chip biomass boiler.

H.O.P.E is Back: Power Vote and the Conversion to Clean Energy

The presidential election has left many of our heads spinning with the constant menagerie of pertinent issues and concerns. Lately the election has felt more like a circus than a democratic process. Many students feel that certain issues in particular…

BU Biofuel Bus Running Well but About to Hibernate

The new biofuel bus with “BU Biofuel Initiative,” the team of professors and students, has lowered the University’s carbon footprint by about 5%. But the team has faced some limitations and the bus can only be used until October.