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Worst NFL Contracts Ever

You know what grinds my gears? Michael Vick, Eddy Curry, Barry Zito, Mike Hampton and now Eli Manning are five athletes that all received five...

ELIte Enough For the Hall of Fame?

Shortly before the 2011-12 NFL season began, Michael Kay of ESPN New York conducted an interview with Eli Manning asking him the now famous...

Giants Win SuperBowl XLVI

The New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots 21-17, Eli Manning wins his second Superbowl MVP

Smack Talk Sports: SuperBowl XLVI Edition

BUnow's inagural installment of the Smack Talk Sports kicks off with a look into who will win Super Bowl XLVI. Take a deeper look into the game with arguments by sports writers Paul Rosa and Sean Roth.

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