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Who will be President in 2020?

I’m still in deep denial that Donald Trump will be the President of the United States come January, so I’m thinking ahead rather than...

Why Hillary Winning the Election Won’t Mean Much for Women

I was ecstatic upon learning of Hillary Clinton’s race for President, not meaning that I was planning on voting for her, but that a...

CollegeHumor Shows us the Inside of the Oval Office

CollegeHumor, a popular comedy website and YouTube page has been getting into the spirit of Election Day early. The site, which is known for its...

Problems with the Electoral College

For those of you who are unaware, we Americans do not live in a true, or direct, democracy. Because of several institutions, most prominently...

Pa. Voters: Beware of Misleading Ballot Question

Today is a big day for America. It is important that we all get out to vote for the President of the U.S. in...

The History of the Democratic and Republican Parties

Over the past century, both parties have become increasingly polarized - in the videos below, Vox explains how:    

Why I’m Voting for Jill Stein

If you’re like me, a political independent and a former Bernie supporter, you probably aren’t too enthused with the current political climate. Donald Trump...

Hillary Clinton’s Platform

0 A fair tax system Making sure the wealthy, Wall Street, and corporations pay their fair share in taxes. Read more Addiction and substance use Through improved treatment, prevention,...

Gary Johnson’s Platform

0 Wasteful Spending By 2017, the national debt will be $20 TRILLION. That is not just obscene, it is unsustainable — and arguably the single greatest...

Jill Stein’s Platform

Jill Stein 2016 Platform Our Power to the People Plan Climate Action: Protecting Mother Earth and Humanity Enact an emergency Green New Deal to turn the...

Trump’s Star Smashed on Hollywood Boulevard?

Amidst the insanity of the 2016 election, prospective voters have shown their disdain for the candidates in a variety of ways. Donald Trump supporters...

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