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Opinion: America’s Economy Cannot Handle a Crisis

Editor’s note: BUnow invites those with differing viewpoints to contribute their own pieces. As of March 26, the United States has become the most infected population in the world for the COVID-19 virus. While many countries, such as Italy, are…

California and New York Raise the Minimum Wage

This past Monday, April 4, Democratic Governors Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo of California and New York, respectively, passed into law legislation that would gradually bring a $15 minimum wage into effect in their respective states by 2023. Democrats such…

BU Graduate Finds Niche in Uncertain Media Industry

Danielle Lynch has seen early success in her career consisting of two years as a news reporter. She earned several awards for co-writing a four-part series about poverty in Chester County, Pa.

Economy Burst Spring-Break Bubble; Students Opt for Cheap Getaways

Most people envision spring break as a fun trip in the sun with many friends. However, with the current status of the economy, many students made other plans. “It would be awesome to go somewhere warm for spring break, but I’m working the whole time to make money,” said freshman Tom Mott.

CU - Bloomsburg

A Daunting Economy

Keeping a job is difficult enough, but finding one at the moment is even more troublesome. Bloomsburg University students, from freshmen to seniors, are feeling the impact of the recession like a weight hanging on their shoulders.

Soltz speaks out about economy

With the effects of the economic downturn hitting the state of Pennsylvania, college students are wondering how the crisis will influence tuition costs.

Job Security Becomes Downtrodden for Upstanding Workers

He’ll leave work at approximately 3 p.m. and return home in time to coach his youngest daughter and son in soccer. “A typical day,” he thinks, until he arrives at work.