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President Soltz Releases Letter Concerning Hiring Freeze, Economic Issues Hitting BU

Late this morning, President Soltz issued a letter to students addressing the questions he has received over the past weeks concerning the hiring freeze instituted by PASSHE.

The Economic Crisis: What Do You Think?

With the 2008 presidential election just around the corner, I took the time to focus on the one thing on many Americans' mind - the...

Economic Crisis, In-depth With Dr. Dalgin

  Economics professor, Dr. M. Halim Dalgin sits down with BU Now on Oct. 9 to explain the details of the Economic Crisis. Q: Is the sole cause...

Small Business Wades Through Economic Turmoil

Shops in Bloomsburg are no exception to the economic downfall. “Business is down a little. I think the main thing is the inconsistency of the business,” said Steph Severn, manager of Steph's Subs, who estimates that business has decreased by 15 to 20 percent since January.

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