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Eating Disorders

Early Bloomer: Into the World of Eating Disorders

*Editor’s note: This post discusses the author’s experience with an eating disorder and may be triggering for some audiences.* Early Bloomer I was a gigantic baby, and I wish I could string together a better assortment of words that didn’t…

Smart, Young, and Too Thin?

Chan felt pressured by Yale to eat large amounts of food due to school officials believing she had an eating disorder.

The National Eating Disorder Association Wants You To Do One Thing This Week To Raise Awareness Of Eating Disorders

This week, Feb. 23 through March 1, is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Up to 24 million people in the U.S. of all ages and genders are affected by eating disorders, and eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of…

Thigh Gap: Newest Exercise Craze

The newest craze to optain a “Thigh Gap” leads to eating disorders and unhealthy body images.