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Clear Nail Polish Isn’t Just for Girls

Clear nail polish is an essential item that almost every girl has sitting on her vanity, buried in her nail polish collection, or hidden...

Bethany Mota: YouTube to Hollywood

All of the talk these days is over the recently discovered YouTube star Bethany Mota. From sunny Los Banos, Calif., she has been making...

Hot Peppers for Hot Lips?

Pain is beauty, right? Putting some spicy foods like chili peppers on your lips to make them look fuller, takes this cliché to a...

Do It Yourself This Halloween

Halloween costumes seem to cost more every year and the skimpier the outfit, the more expensive it gets. Being a broke college student can...

#PinnersProblems: An introduction to an addiction

I am fascinated by the ability of one website to have so much power over a single individual. No, I am not addicted to...

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Bloomsburg Fair Discounted Student Tickets

“SPECIAL BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY STUDENT DISCOUNT!”-BU Students List An opportunity was emailed through the BU Students List this morning, students have access to discounted Bloomsburg...

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University to Adopt New Email System

The student email system will be upgraded to Microsoft Life@edu by mid-May. The switch entails several upgrades from the current mymail system, including lifetime activity.

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