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First Impression of ‘The Mandalorian’

When people say "'Star Wars' TV show," some may think of a cartoon, since live-action "Star Wars" TV shows were not considered at the...

Toy Story 4: Official Trailer

Old friends and new friends unite for another classic journey for a storied franchise. Toy Story returns with its latest adventure in which Woody...

James Gunn Reinstated as Director of Guardians 3

0 Following the resurfacing of a series of offensive old tweets, James Gunn, who became well known for his work as writer-director on Marvel's "Guardians...

Top 20 Disney Channel Original Movies

Attention all 90’s babies! Do you guys remember those Saturday mornings where we would immediately get out of bed, brush our teeth, make our...

One Couple’s Rankings of Disney Songs to Have Sex to

Cosmo is known for its sexy articles including sex tips, advice, lists of the best positions and much more.  It seems the sex topics...

Are You Ready for a New Scrooge?

A Christmas Carol, a Charles Dicken’s classic, has seen many adaptations in its day, and it sounds like another might be on its way....

Disney’s Cinderella

Disney has done it again. I’m talking about bringing the iconic fairytales we grew up watching to life in a modern day live action...

Toy Story 4ever

Get ready because your favorite characters are coming back to the big screen! Disney and Pixar have announced that “Toy Story 4” is set...

“Feast” Will Leave you Craving some Puppy Love

I hope you’re hungry because Disney’s new short, “Feast” is coming your way. Patrick Osborne, the head of animation for the Oscar award winning...

Do You Wanna File a Lawsuit?

Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen was a box office smash, earning $1.2 billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales. Little did we all know that...

Remembering Diane Disney Miller

Elizabeth Vandergeest and Kirsten Jandrasitz Born December 18, 1933, Diane Disney, daughter of the famous Walt Disney started her amazing journey and life path. Diane...

Disney’s ‘Newsies’ Breaks Out on Broadway

You probably don’t remember the Disney 1992 musical film, Newsies, a box-office flop starring a teenaged Christian Bale (that’s right, Batman). The twenty year-old...

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