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The ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack hit #1 today in 1987

The "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack reached #1 this day in 1987. The soundtrack has become such a legendary relic just like its movie. Frances “Baby” is a summer away from joining...

Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble Annual Spring Showcase

This story was written by Emily Newell. BLOOMSBURG, Pa --- Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble students spend hours per week preparing and working hard to put on...

Dance Students Prepare for Upcoming Concert

The spring semester is in full swing and dance students are working hard to prepare the 6th Annual Dance Minor Concert. Admission is free, and...

Grease is THE Word That Everyone Has Heard

“Remembered forever as shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom!” If you were able to properly sing that wacko note in your head then...

Hispanic Heritage Month Begins at BloomU

October is Hispanic Heritage Month at Bloomsburg University of PA, and it started with this week's Kickoff Celebration at Kehr Union's Multicultural Center. Students from...

Tami Tango Trio

The Tami Tango Trio tango's their way to Bloomsburg on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

BU Dance Ensemble’s Annual Recital

On Thursday, April 18, and Friday, April 19, the BU Dance Ensemble hosted their annual recital in the Haas Center. The doors opened at...

Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble Spring Show

Bloomsburg University's Dance Ensemble Spring Showcase preview.

12 Days of Video Games: Day 8 – Just Dance 4

The 12 Days of Video Games will help you chose the perfect game to get with your holiday money!

Vice Versa Brings It Home!

Vice Versa is a dance and modeling organization that can take on any challenge thrown at them and always succeeds. This organization was founded...

River North Chicago Dance Company

A beam of yellow light that mimicked the morning sun raced across the stage. Soft melodic music began to play as each dancer rose their arms up over their heads and stood to their feet. This was just the beginning of an amazing show…

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