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College Guide to Friends With Benefits

Ever have a platonic friend that provides you maximum benefits mentally and physically but not romantically? A friend who not only satisfy our friendship needs...

Word of the Day: University Style

After eavesdropping on campus and discovering what a dirty trumpet is, I thought about Words of the day in high school. Can you imagine...

BU Students Create New Shuttle Service

Bloomsburg University student Jimel Calliste and BU alum Dorron Hunt have come together to create a new and affordable shuttle service for students. The service...

Dear Incoming Freshman

This article was originally published in 2016. Dear Incoming Freshman, Congratulations. You’ve graduated high school; all throughout your young lives you have probably heard, “High school...

7 Simple Ways to Cook Healthier in College

Eating healthy on campus is nearly impossible, and we all can’t help but indulge ourselves to some fries at the Husky, a chocolatey Frappuccino...

Things Busy College Students Need to Put on Their To-Do Lists

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, the stress builds. Our to-do lists probably include exams, projects, presentations, and homework assignments.  We all...

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