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Crime in the Shadows: Information Every Student Should Know

All Bloomsburg students and faculty, new and old should be accustomed to the familiar text, email or flyer of a Jeanne Clery Act Notification. You hear the...

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The Excitement of Halloween: Costuming!

Planning costumes has been a huge participation for Halloween amongst all ages. One of the biggest vendors when it comes to purchasing Halloween costumes...

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Obam-uration: View From The Voice

The papers on January 21 all had similar lines. "The Press Enterprise" stated: “A jubilant crowd of more than a million…stood for hours in frigid temperatures Tuesday to witness a young black man with a foreign-sounding name take command of a nation founded by slaveholders.” It later said “He had a message for the world: ‘We are ready to lead.’ Meaning that he, the young African American, was ready to lead.”