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Why Can’t We Remember Lent? Practicing Lent Should Not be This Hard

*Originally published in The Voice on March 9th.* Lent is 40 days prior to Easter where, in the Catholic religion, people fast in preparation to...

10 Dead and 9 Injured in Oregon Community College Shooting

Imagine getting a call that your child, relative, spouse or friend was brutally killed while at school, a place where people go to create...

Recap of the Pope’s U.S. Tour: Philadelphia

Massive crowds, excessive security, and extreme restrictions were all put into place for the last stop of Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. The...

Religion in Bloomsburg: The Voices

Editor's Note: All names of persons interviewed have been omitted. Some voices rang out in anger, others voices in disgust, a few voiced their support, however there...

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Tracy Morgan Struggles with Recovery after Car Crash

Comedian, Tracy Morgan, was involved in a car crash in June and has been struggling with his recovery ever since. His limousine was struck...