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The Fifty Minute Goodbye: A Student’s First Hand Account of Our Changing World

The 50 Minute Goodbye I think I was in the car when I got the email. With squinted eyes, I tried my best to make...

Preachers on Bloomsburg Campus

Yesterday, Oct. 22, several men visited campus to spread their beliefs and exercise the first amendment. One student stood next to the speaker holding a...

The Big Event: Another Successful Year

This past Saturday, Mar. 30, Bloomsburg University's annual The Big Event was held. The Big Event celebrated its 10th anniversary with nearly 2,000 student...

BU BARCs Back!: Introducing the Bloomsburg Anti-Rape Coalition

Many Bloomsburg students will recall reading a horrific text notification received in October of last year: “Bloomsburg University Police today received a Campus...

Is It Fair for All Students to Pay The Recreation Fee?

*Editor’s Note: This article was written by Cara Eschenmann.* BLOOMSBURG – When it comes to the fees that Bloomsburg students pay, some feel as though...

Students and Parents Outraged Over Unclear Rules of Campus Parking

This article was written by Sam Pickford. BLOOMSBURG - Imagine being a parent who has just drove several hours to pick up their child from...

A Good Investment in Campus’ Beauty

Editor’s Note: This piece was written by Zoe Zajac of Professor John-Erik Koslosky’s Newswriting course and was edited by Ian O'Donnell of Koslosky’s Editing for...

Fall Vs. Spring Semester

It’s cold, windy and you really don’t want to get out of your cozy bed to trudge your way up a mountain to get...

Bloomsburg to Host ‘Be The Match’ Drive

On Wednesday, March 2 and Thursday, March 3, Bloomsburg University will be hosting its first Be The Match drive on campus. The drive will...

Places on Campus People Fantasize to Have Sex

There are a few places on the campus of Bloomsburg University that could be knocked of a bucket list of places to have sex.  And...

From 123 Sesame Street to East Second Street

On Monday, Sonia Manzano, better known as Maria from “Sesame Street,” visited Bloomsburg University. Manzano spent over 44 years acting and writing on the show...

Yik Yak on Campus

0 On this Episode of The Nick and Matt Show we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly uses of Yik Yak on campus....

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