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Bradley Cooper Is Back On The Market

A source told “PEOPLE” that Bradley Cooper and model Suki Waterhouse have called it quits after two years of dating. Although they supposedly ended their...

Ghosting: The 21st Centuries Crappiest Break-up Method

Have you ever had someone you're dating 'ghost' on you? I'm not talking paranormal, sexy Patrick Swayze, Whoopie Goldberg, romantic pottery wheel ghosting. I'm...

Binge Eating After a Breakup Taken to the Extreme; Woman Stays in KFC for...

Shen decided to stop in at KFC for some kentucky fried chicken after her boyfriend broke up with her. That’s normal, turning to some good old comfort food, but what’s not is how long she decided to stay.

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How Do Ramen Noodles Really Affect Your Body?  

One of the most popular foods amongst college students is the quick and easy Ramen noodles. Add some water, flavoring packet, and noodles into...

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Rock Filled Greetings for David Cook

Season seven of American Idol ended with the contestant who brought rock to the stage and fame to the name of David Cook.

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