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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Written over a hundred years ago, the story of the little girl who follows a mysterious white rabbit into a magical underground world never seems to grow old. Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been retold so many times through different mediums such as books, movies, and television shows. Each time the story is redone the author takes on a new twist.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a story of faith, one which incorporates many different belief systems with one unifying theme: the follow-through.

The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation

The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation can be read as a crash course in becoming liberated the Buddhist way. Don’t pick this book up if you want “familiar” therapy.

The Confessions

This is a great read but bear in mind the fact that this is firstly a story of family and the influence of parenthood.

Jack London: A Life

The book begins unusually for a biography: London is 40 and dying, plus we’re thrown into this story as if it is a work of fiction, in the present tense and following London through his routine. “Once a ‘blonde beast’ with the face and body of a ‘Greek god’, he is not yet forty but feels like an old man..


Demian is a story about a different kind whose intellect is brighter and whose vision is intriguing novel by Herman Hesse.

K: A Biography of Kafka

Something I find rather disturbing about Hayworth’s account of Kafka’s life is the reader never learns why Kafka has been given so much attention. I suppose he figures we’ll be our own judge of his writings, which I admire, but I’m still curious about the opinions of the more literary. So what is it about Kafka that interests?

Literary Review

Siphowo Mahala kick starts Fairleigh Dickinson’s “Africa Calling Literary Review”. His story, entitled, “The Suit Continued”, details a troubled affair a man is having with a woman. The story is told from the cheating man’s perspective. He, like most cheating men, attempts to justify his actions in this story.

The Cave of John the Baptist

In 328 pages, Shimon Gibson explains John the Baptist’s existence through finds at an archaeological site as well as through other “finds” contributed by people claiming to have a literal piece of John.


In “Drown,” by Junot Diaz the story begins by telling of Yunior’s childhood, ending it with a description of Yunior’s father’s confusing life, a life that brought seemingly little success to the immigrant. He was caught between the dream and reality.

Contemplating Reality – A Book Review

Andy Karr provides examples to prove his points. He tries putting the reader in a number of hypothetical situations, and when he actually does...

The Seven Storey Mountain – A Book Review

Where my spiritual life would be today without him and his name on that small piece of paper is a matter of speculation, but I don’t believe it would be nearly as strong as it is today. He has opened the mind of the modern Catholic.

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