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Satire: Block Party attendees to be euthanized

Partiers are no longer welcome at Block Party because of the mess they leave behind. BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — People who spend time in or around...

Farewell Bloomsburg

As I walked directly in the line of a strong February wind, on a late night return from the Harvey Andruss library, I noticed...

History of Block Party

With the month of April approaching quickly and the temperature rising, the infamous Bloomsburg Block Party creeps into students minds. As students make plans...

Block Party Restrictions Raising Excitement for Weekend

This article was originally published in The Voice on March 30, 2017. Bloomsburg’s annual Block Party is quickly approaching and will take place on April...

Fall Vs. Spring Semester

It’s cold, windy and you really don’t want to get out of your cozy bed to trudge your way up a mountain to get...

Evolution of Block Party Laws

BLOOMSBURG -- Throughout the years, a progression of ordinances have been passed in order to keep Block Party weekend under control. Some of those...

BU Student Slashed at Annual Block Party Event

During the town's annual Block Party a student was severely slashed by a non-student. Sophomore, Roberto Soto was coming to the aid of a young...

What Not to Wear to Block Party

One of the most exciting weekends is about to be upon us in only a few weeks. That weekend is Block Party. Some of...

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