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Drinks for Block Party

The long awaited day is almost here people, the day that students at Bloomsburg University live for. BLOCK PARTY! Since Block Party is this Saturday...

Chief of Police Explains What to Expect at Block Party

There has been a lot of speculation among students about what to expect at Block Party this year, which is scheduled for April 18. Most...

What Not to Wear to Block Party

One of the most exciting weekends is about to be upon us in only a few weeks. That weekend is Block Party. Some of...

Students Speak Out About the Block Party Verdict

Every year Bloomsburg University students look forward to the Spring semester, warm weather and most importantly BLOCK PARTY. We can’t completely deny it… the festivities of...

The End of Block Party as We Know It

On Monday, Feb. 23 at 6 p.m., the Bloomsburg Town Council met to discuss the adoption of an ordinance that would amend Chapter 13,...

Block Party 2014 LIVE

View all of the block party action right here! Just use the hashtag #BlockParty2014 to see your tweet live!

How Much Is Too Much?

The countdown is underway to this year’s block party! Festivities are expected to occur on Saturday April 12, 2014. According to the Bloomsburg Police...

Block Party 2014 Preview

Block Party and Springfest are both Saturday, April 12 this year, and we wanted to find out what students think about the events and...

Block Party 2014 Tips and Tricks

Block Party is an event held every year at Bloomsburg University. It’s a day of celebrating all the hard work the students have put...

What to Wear: Block Party Edition

As of Sunday April 6, the weather forecast for this year’s Block Party calls for a high of 61 degrees with just a little...

ATO vs Kappa Sig: Block Party 2014

Our favorite day of the year is finally approaching. Block Party 2014 will be held Saturday April 12, and the anticipation is building. The...

A Glimpse at This Year’s Block Party T-Shirt!

Bloomsburg’s Annual 2014 “Block Party” will be here sooner than you know it! Have you purchased your celebratory t-shirt yet? No? Well, here are some options for...

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