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REPOST: Surviving Block Party

Figuring out fact from fiction about Bloomsburg block party.

Fetterman Avenue Police Action: Too violent or justified?

Police were armed with canisters of mace, while students were armed with beer bottles and solo cups. Police had the intention of keeping the...

Block Party 2013 Coverage

Coverage begins at 7 a.m. Saturday. Tweets with #blockparty13 will be included in the stream.

Block Party Survival Tips: 2013

By Danielle Columbo & Mercedes Smith Block Party is an all day event where students spend their time outside grilling, socializing, relaxing, and more often...

Block Party Tips

Some helpful tips and visual reminders of things NOT to do at Block Party.

The Legend of Block Party Bert

Bloomsburg students love to celebrate Block Party, but how many people really know the origins of the event? With the day quickly approaching, take the time to learn the story of the first Block Party. It may surprise you.

The Story of Block Party 2009

Our goal was to give you the most complete and accurate portrayal of the Block Party experience. Our victim was Joe Arleth. His mission: Enjoy the day just as he would normally, but document the entire experience. Here is his final report.

Block Party T-shirts 2013

Here are some shirts you can expect to see this weekend for Bloomsburg's 2013 block party.

Block Party 2012 T-Shirts

Students are anticipating the end of the semester and the sweet summer months ahead, but many students are equally excited for Saturday, April 21,...

Top Block Party 2010 T-shirts

Block Party 2010 is right around the corner. With the big day just weeks away, two things are always sure to happen: The town will meet to discuss ways of shutting down the party and students will meet to discuss which T-shirts they should buy to celebrate the next installment of this yearly tradition. Joe Arleth escapes from the Real World for a few hours to share a review on this year's top Block Party merchandise.

Established in 1993: Bloomsburg Block Party

Take an inside look at the evolution of Bloomsburg's Block Party and compare this years event to the infamous 2007 gathering.

Press Enterprise Fails in Block Party Coverage

Although Bloomsburg students and community members have succeeded in revamping Block Party into a safer and more enjoyable experience, The Press Enterprise continues to misrepresent the event and mislead the public.

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