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Blink-182 Releases Sample Content For New Album

Lead singer and bassist Mark Hoppus recently shared a video to Instagram of new material in production alongside Travis Barker for the new Blink-182...

Throwback Thursday Pregame Playlist

Pregaming is always fun, but you definitely need a killer playlist. If you’re tired of listening to the same songs that are constantly played...

Blink-182’s Online Drama: The Complete Saga

Members of the band Blink-182 have been in the spotlight across social media for about two weeks now, but for entirely wrong reasons. It all...

The Season of Concerts and Festivals

Every summer thousands of music lovers flock to arenas, stadiums, and festivals to see their favorite artists perform live. With numerous breakout artists, international sensations,...

Blink-182 is”Staying Together for the Kids”

That’s right. They are together again. Mark Hoppus, Tom Delounge, and Travis Barker have decided to leave all their animosity behind and bring back...

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