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Black Friday Starts on Friday

As expressed in another BUnow article, Thanksgiving is often glossed over in the excitement of Christmas. Well, I would argue that Christmas shopping plays...

Thanksgiving Break = The Best Break

Sure, Christmas break and spring break are great and all, but Thanksgiving break is often overlooked and has the potential to be the best of them all.

5 Tips To Survive Black Friday Shopping

5 ways to survive this Black Friday Shopping festivities

Black Friday Steals

Everyone is out on the prowl for the newest, sweetest gift for this holiday season. Many sometimes wonder where to even start looking for this holiday’s hot items.

It Only Happens Once a Year – Thank Goodness…

No wonder it is called Black Friday - It is a dark day, and it seems like the Scrooge in people always come out this day, even though it's supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

The McGriddle Alabi- What Were You Really Doing on Black Friday?

“ They ask me every year when did I wake up to get breakfast, and I just tell them a little while ago. They have no idea what I was really doing.”

Recession Steals Christmas – Grinch Unemployed

The recession is stealing Christmas for many and leaving the Grinch, like many Americans, unemployed and hurting this holiday season.

Black Friday Recap

The official start of the Christmas season is here and no matter what Ralphie tells you it isn’t the display in the store window....

Is the True Meaning of Christmas Being Lost?

No matter what you believe or why you celebrate one thing has always been tied into this jolly season. This one thing can cause a plethora of emotions that could be good, or that could also be bad. This one thing that has appeared every holiday season is, a present.

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