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Jonas Brothers at Coors Light Brewery.

Burnin’ Up Over Brews

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas announced on Thursday, Oct. 10, that they are teaming up with Coors Light to release their very own limited-edition...

The Roaming Husky: Shy Bear Brewing (Lewistown, PA)

In April, I went to Shy Bear Brewing in Lewistown, PA. The way to the brewery is a nice scenic view of the central...

Budweiser Teams Up With Metallica

There is something special about wearing the t-shirt of your favorite band or listening to their greatest hits. Some might think hanging a giant...

Drinks for Block Party

The long awaited day is almost here people, the day that students at Bloomsburg University live for. BLOCK PARTY! Since Block Party is this Saturday...

Beer Made From…Poop?!

At the beginning of the year, comedian Jimmy Fallon drank poop water promoted by Bill Gates. After realizing that people would not typically drink...

Are You a Beer Snob?

We all have that one friend - the one who you see at a party, looking disgustedly at the beer in hand and complaining...

Get Your Head in the Game! A Drinking Game That is…

It happens every Friday night: All dressed up, walk to a party with your best friends…only to find out that it’s another night of...

Fall into Autumn: Part 2

As promised, here are numbers six through ten of my ultimate fall favorites. Last time I touched on corn mazes, piles of colorful leaves...

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