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Bloomsburg Bar Scene

Editor's Note: The following article was written by BUnow's Brianna Cruz. Walking into a Bloomsburg bar as soon as you turn 21 feels like you...

Where to Drink Every Night of the Week in Bloomsburg

A group of friends laugh and enjoy their night off from class, filling up on cheap wings and even cheaper beer. Everyone is having...

Bloom Bar Specials

Okay, new twenty-oners! Take note of these bar specials for where to get the most of your money.
Block Party 2010

Two BU Students Reflect On Block Party

This is an opinion piece of two Bloomsburg University students on Block Party and a bust that occurred the morning before. These events in Bloomsburg happened a couple weeks ago so we have had time to reflect on how we feel about the situations. In order to receive honest thoughts without feeling vulnerable, we kept everyone who gave us their opinion unanimous. Hey why don't you tell us your thoughts!

$2 Bob Reveals All

Have you ever wondered who $2 Bob is or what provokes him to frequent the local bars? Have you ever wondered if he's married or where he gets all of his $2 bills? These questions and more are answered in this interview with $2 Bob like you've never seen him before.

Raising the Bar: Finding the Best Pub in Bloomsburg

Can't figure out where to spend your night out this weekend? Check out the strengths and weaknesses of Bloomsburg's four more popular bars.

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