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Top 3 WTF Moments from American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 4

Candy fills the shelves and the streets are lined with freshly carved pumpkins; signs that Halloween is near.  Another indicator is an overwhelming amount...

25 Thoughts I Had While Watching American Horror Story: Hotel

Popcorn in hand and blankets in tow, we gather around TVs with anticipation as a ‘Content Warning’ pops up on the screen. Who are...

American Horror Story: Hotel, Episode 1

Spoiler Alert Unusual, sexy, horrific and glorious. American Horror Story has somehow succeeded in capturing all of these qualities in previous seasons and Hotel seems...

Get Ready For AHS Little Monsters

After her redefining career performance at this years’ Oscars, Lady Gaga has now announced her part in the next season of American Horror Story....

Is American Horror Story In One Universe?

Could every season of American Horror Story be connected? The questions and theories of its fans have finally been confirmed. Executive Producer Ryan Murphy...

Meet Jyoti Amge

American Horror Story: Freak Show premiered Wednesday, Oct. 8, and brought the smallest woman in the world, according to Guinness World Records, to America. Her...

American Horror Story Strikes Again

And I Can’t Sleep… American Horror Story Strikes Again Season Premiere of American Horror: Story Freak Show: “Monster’s Among Us” With the fourth season of the...

Under the Big Top: American Horror Story Freakshow

A bearded lady, conjoined twins, strongmen, and a killer clown set the scene for Ryan Murphy’s new season of “American Horror Story.” This chronicle,...

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