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Carly’s Conspiracy Corner #3: The Moon Landing is a Hoax

Welcome to my third article of this series on BUnow, Carly’s Conspiracy Corner! This is a series that introduces and emphasizes all sorts of...

Ask Bri: A note from Bri

Dear Bloomsburg Students, Do you need some advice on things unrelated to the classroom? I'm here to help you out! After three years of writing a...


The BUnow team is looking to expand our team with people who have excitement for writing, editing, marketing and public relations! We’re looking to fill...

i.Con: The First Smart Condom

We live in a world of smart everything: phones, tablets, TVs, watches, etc. The list seemingly grows by the day and the newest addition...

Places on Campus People Fantasize to Have Sex

There are a few places on the campus of Bloomsburg University that could be knocked of a bucket list of places to have sex.  And...

Turnt Up Turkey Day

The holidays can be rough, and with a house full of screaming relatives that you only ever see once a year, you may need to let off some steam throughout the day. Why not turn you misery into a drinking game? The rules are simple: every time someone says one of the things listed below, take a drink. Get ready to turn up for turkey day!

How to Avoid Late Night Trouble with your C.A.

College years are some of the best years.  We party nonstop, we stay up all hours of the night and we just live life...

Breaking Girl Code

“An established code, a woman’s law that every girl should follow.” – Urban Dictionary  Many of you are already aware of the set of...

Get in the know: STD testing

Nightlife at Bloom can get pretty wild, so it’s best to stay on top of your sexual health. Failing to recognize sexually transmitted diseases...

Hangover Cures

Every morning of the weekend, I wake up wondering if I made it out alive from the previous night’s activities. My first thought is...

Fun 21st Birthday Ideas

Contributing Writers: Sharon Rubart & Bernadette Fuentes You’ve been counting down the days, and it’s finally here.  You’re 21st birthday.  For some, turning 21 is...

Twenty Years From Now

The nighttime summer air surrounds you as you walk down one of the many infamous hills that Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania has to offer....

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