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Smartphones: Friend or Foe? Smartphones May Change But Will We?

Contributing Writers: Max Duffy, Jordan Vitkauskas, Kelsie Johnston Technology is forever changing in this world, especially in the last 30 years. But nothing has changed...

Smart Phones: Friend or Foe? A Closer Look at Addictions

Contributing authors include: Marjorie Newton, Nick Tate, and Laura Campbell With the nonstop improvement in technology, people today are faced with new addictions to their...

Smartphones: Friend or Foe? Smartphone Use at Bloomsburg University

What is a smartphone? According to, Smartphones are: “a device that combines a cell phone with a hand-held computer, typically offering Internet access,...

Smartphones: Friend or Foe? Are College Students Addicted to the Latest Technology?

Contributing Writers: Max Duffy, Jordan Vitkauskas, Kelsie Johnston Are College Students Addicted to the Latest Technology? Everyone faces technological changes. Some may like the modification while...

Smartphones: Friend or Foe? Diary Research

Contributing Writers: Alyssa Senatore, Anthony Ferrentino, Kareema Archangel, and Lexi Mazza. Our Ethnographic Analysis consisted of all five of our group members using the apps...

The Rise and fall of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Gameplay Games such as Flappy Bird, Candy Crush Saga, and Angry Birds, have taken the gaming world for a completely new spin. Mobile...

#PinnersProblems: An introduction to an addiction

I am fascinated by the ability of one website to have so much power over a single individual. No, I am not addicted to...

Crazy in Love: BU Professor says yes, love does make us crazy

A young Sigmund Freud reportedly said, “one is very crazy when in love.” For those in love—the weakness in the knees, butterflies in the...

Adderall: Worst Enemy or Best Friend?

What these students who are legally or illegally using the drug do not understand are the consequences they can face.

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Former BU Student Racially Profiled At Philadelphia Starbucks

Rashon Nelson, a former Bloomsburg University student, has been identified as one of the black men arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia on Apr....

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