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Loyal Boscov’s Shoppers Hope Stores Will Stay Afloat

Faced with dwindling profits caused in part by frugal customers struggling in a tough economy, Boscov’s Inc., has filed for bankruptcy and plans to...

Graduate Has More To Celebrate Than A Diploma

In 2004, Pastor graduated from Berwick High School. On Saturday, December 13, 2008, he graduated from Bloomsburg University.

SECA Campaign Ends on High Note

One of the devastations of the current economic crisis that is not spoken by the media is the numerous amounts of charitable and non-profit...

The Anxious Voter

A fidgety man waits impatiently in the everlasting line to vote. The middle-aged, tall business man seems frustrated and it is as if he is losing patience with every passing minute.

Students Participate in Poetry Slam

The very first poetry slam of the year occurred on September 23, during which students presented their own creative pieces.The slam was hosted by...

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#1 LSU Defeats #2 Alabama 9-6 In Overtime

LSU defeated Alabama in overtime 9-6 Saturday Night #1 LSU and #2 Alabama clashed last night on ABC in a matchup some were calling the...

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