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John Quiñones: Anything is Possible

Bloomsburg University students, faculty and townspeople packed the seats of Carver Hall last night to hear ABC’s John Quiñones speak during Black History Month at the university’s 26th annual commemorative celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Quiñones, a longtime anchor…

The 41st Annual AMA Winners

A complete list of the 2013 AMA winners.

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SPOTLIGHT: Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is president of the ABC-Owned Television Stations Group and is based out of Burbank, Ca. A 1983 graduate of Bloomsburg University, Ms. Campbell returned to her alma mater for the first time in 30 years in Feb. She…

First Lady and Others Targeted by Hackers

American A-listers are targeted for torment. President Barack Obama relented to ABC News on March 12, after being questioned once again about the rumored intrusion into the first lady’s personal and financial information. As relayed in the interview, President Obama…