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Student Voting

On Tuesday Nov.6, 2012, the world will ask a question, “Romney, or Obama?” This answer will change not only America’s future, but the world’s future, as well.

Let Your Vote Be Heard: Absentee Ballots

With the presidential election fast approaching voters across the country are ready to head to the polls to cast their vote. Students from surrounding states...

The First Presidential Debate

Presidential candidates go back and forth on ideas, facts and misinterpretations.

The Bloomsburg Update 10.3.12

Check out this week's edition of The Bloomsburg Update

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Put on Hold

A Pennsylvania judge ordered that the voter ID law will not be in effect for the upcoming presidential election, as of Oct. 2.

Topics for 2012 Presidential Debates Released

The dates and topics for the 2012 Presidential debate.

Why Don’t Students Vote?

Students don't vote due to its inconvenience, not knowing how, and from a lack of interest in the field of politics.

Romney: 47% Believe “They are Victims” Entitled to Healthcare

A secret video of Romney leaked causes controversy

Pennsylvania’s New Voting ID Law Causes Controversy

Do you have everything you need to vote in the upcoming presidential election? If you're voting in Pennsylvania, you may want to check again.

Clinton Takes Control of Stage at National Convention

President Bill Clinton has the crowd on their feet for most of his compelling speech.

Youth Demographic Matters

Will the candidates of the 2012 election have to rely on the youth demographic in order to win? I think so.

Cain Suspends Campaign

Herman Cain has decided that he will suspend his campaign. This comes after numerous allegations of extramarital affairs.

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“No Place for Hate” seminar to be held

An overview of Pennsylvania's civil rights law, the state's changing demographics, hate crimes, supremacist group trends and positive practices will be presented as a "No Place for Hate" event Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m. in the Bloomsburg Area YMCA, 30 E. Seventh St.