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Taylor Swift Premieres “Bad Blood” Music Video

This past Sunday, Taylor Swift premiered her highly anticipated “Bad Blood” music video during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas. The song “Bad Blood” comes off of her record-breaking album 1989. The video contains a star-studded cast…

Taylor Swift/ Lion King Mash-Up You Gotta Hear To Believe

      People everywhere are listening to Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 and they are loving it. Although I haven’t listened to T. Swift’s full album, what I can’t stop listening to is the Taylor Swift/Lion King mash up….

Why Is Taylor Swift’s New Album “1989” Not on Spotify?

As an avid Spotify listener, I love to devote my time adding music to my Spotify playlist. If it’s free, I’m listening to it. If I’m not sure about a song before buying it, I preview the song freely through…

1989- The Review

On the morning of the much anticipated Monday Oct. 27, I went to the gym motivated only by the fact that I would be listening to the new Taylor Swift album in its entirety- just a mere ten and a…