Students March and Rally Against PA Budget Cuts

March 30th 2011. At about 11:30am students began to meetup in front of Bloomsburg’s Carver hall, rally caps on, and picket signs in hand. Once the crowd grew large enough, the group of students traveled around campus helping raise awareness for the budget cuts being made by Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Corbett. Photos below and videos above show the importance and the perseverance of the students.

Some of the chants I heard today(I have given each chant a score out of 10 based on performance, volume, and overall quality of the chant)

  • United we stand. Under funded we fail. (7/10)
  • What do we want? Education. When do we want it? NOW! (7/10 classic)
  • Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Governor Corbett must go! (9/10)
  • We want an education. Not incarceration! (1/10 Time out. What?)

Speaking with some of the students taking part in the march offered a perspective we dont often see in these large group events. The individuals perspective. “Without financial aid, I wont be here next year. All I want to do is be a teacher.” said Brandi Speacer’Phoenix. For Bloomsburg’s Rachel Wilson the story was just as upsetting. “How do you expect people without an education, without a chance to do well in life? I am going to get my chance and I’m going to do well.”

A march done well, but as the budget cuts continue to sweep across the state this wont be the last we have heard of students taking a stand. Check back with BU Now soon as we continue to cover the issues surrounding Pennsylvania’s budget cuts.

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