Stop Being Annoying when Drunk!

We’ve all seen those people who do something rather annoying while their drunk. There’s that person who cries, the person who texts everyone he or she knows… actually they just love their phone, and there’s a ton of others. But please people, please, stop doing some of these things.

The drunk cry: You are the person who somehow always cries about something at a party or the bar. You have no reason to cry, but you just manage to break down into tears for a good hour or so. Please stop doing this! At this point you are out with friends, so have a good time.

The drunk texter: No matter who you’re texting while out, you should probably just stop. Your friends that aren’t out with you don’t really want to hear how drunk you are. Your ex really doesn’t want to hear how sorry you are either. Because really, you’re not sorry, you’re just drunk.

Snapchat drunk: You actually love Snapchat when you’re drunk. You don’t really need to video everything that happens at the bar or party. Sure it fun to send a few pictures but please don’t send your whole night through Snapchat. And sometimes you’re so drunk that the receivers of your snap have no idea what they’re looking at!

The whinny drunk: You complain about everything that went on that night. Your ex was at the bar. Your friend with benefits was talking to another girl. Your best friend left you for five seconds.

Not everything is a problem.

Please stop saying how upset you are that your friend with benefits is talking to another girl. You aren’t dating him; you are just sleeping with him. Your friend is allowed to leave you for a little; I mean come on your at least 21. It’s impossible to avoid your ex, don’t let it ruin your night because it’s probably not ruining his.


So please stop crying when you’re drunk. You’re going to be okay. Don’t text everyone to tell them you’re drunk. Close out Snapchat and enjoy your night. And please don’t whine about every little thing that happens. Just go out and have a good time with your friends. Once you stop doing these things, your night will be a lot more fun than when you cried the whole time.