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How do you ensure that off-campus housing for students is safe and affordable?

Bill Kreisher: After fires killed several students in run-down off-campus student housing, the town adopted a strict inspection safety code and as a result, the safety and condition of off-campus student housing has greatly improved. There remains room for improvement. Some student landlords are better than others and student rentals outside of the town limits are not subject to inspection.  Our code department is proactive and responds promptly to complaints of unsafe conditions.

Eric Bower: Off-campus housing is already inspected by code enforcement on an annual basis for health and safety issues. I will continue those licensing requirements and look into improving them. The student housing market is controlled by private companies and landlords so local government cannot set the prices. The more luxury and proximity closest to campus is always the most expensive. Students can save money by living further away or renting a single bedroom apartment in regular rental housing.

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