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How would you encourage more BU graduates to stay in Bloomsburg?

Eric Bower: I would encourage them to look for employment in the area based on their recent educational background. Bloomsburg offers a small-town feel with many of the same opportunities as larger areas. You will pay less for housing, car insurance, and many other expenses compared to a larger city. Crime is relatively low and keeping the town a safe place to live is always one of my primary goals.

Bill Kreisher: Our law office has invited students to intern with us and many have done so over the years. Some have graduated from law school. The town also uses the university for research and hires interns, which acquaints many with the area and the opportunities and benefits of living in or near Bloomsburg.  Our local high schools and hospitals provide graduates jobs as student teachers in the Bloomsburg public schools and nurses in the Bloomsburg-Geisinger system.  Other local industries do the same. Many graduates of Bloomsburg do stay here and make this community their home. 

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