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Do you think that Bloomsburg has an adequate amount of parking off-campus and downtown? 

Eric Bower: No – More parking should be researched using both town, university, and private business resources to fulfill the parking needs in our downtown. New parking lots or a parking garage can be built if we use the right combination of partners to accomplish this goal. The downtown parking system should also use ap based and kiosk technology to simplify the everyday parking needs of people parking in our downtown.

Bill Kreisher: The parking situation in Downtown Bloomsburg needs to be changed.  Large areas of town being restricted to permit parking is unfriendly, inefficient and stupid.  As a council member I have voted against the present system as now managed and a new parking committee is meeting now to recommend changes to improve it.  I support these efforts.  I want to open up more parking for the general public, including all students.  There are enough spaces to park, they are just not available because of permit restrictions.

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