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How should Block Party be best addressed by the town in years to come?

Bill Kreisher: So long as Block party participants celebrate without destroying property or unduly disturbing residents, it is a good event. The unfortunate destructive behavior of some and because others get out of control through intoxication, the Town police must be alert to prevent injury and vandalism. This is often caused by visitors and complicated not only by over-indulgence in alcohol but also drugs including cocaine, meth and opiates. I was a social chairman of my fraternity in college and had many memorable times. I remember how much fun it was to go to or throw a good party.

Eric Bower: I was a former member of the Block Party task force that worked with Bloomsburg University, business owners, citizens and students. We must keep communication open to look into new ways to lessen the negative impact on our community. We have implemented parking restrictions that drastically reduced the number of unwelcome guests and outsiders coming to our town and should continue this practice. I would like to work with student organizations to further reduce the size and negative impact of this event. I have over 10 years’ experience in dealing with Block Party while in local government, law enforcement, and with my businesses.

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