speakoutThis month, while you’re drinking your pumpkin spice latte and going to haunted houses, remember that isn’t all October is about.

October is National Bully Prevention Month. Everyone has probably been affected by bullying sometime in his or her life, whether it has happened to you, family members, or even friends, and it’s time to put a stop to it.

All month long there are weekly events going on to bring awareness to the cause that you probably aren’t aware of. The week of Oct. 13, make friends with someone you don’t know at school. Take action and never let anyone be isolated.

The week of Oct. 20, is stand up for others week. And lastly the week of Oct. 27, children and adults are urged to pass out poeple
cards on Halloween making people aware of the online bully prevention pledge.

As a college student, National Bully Prevention Month may seem like a joke to you, but one day you might be a parent, an aunt or an uncle to a child that is bullied.

Remember to wear orange Oct. 22 for Unity Day. It is a day to show support for those who have been bullied and for those who continue to be bullied. On Unity Day no one stands alone.