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Worst NFL Contracts Ever

You know what grinds my gears?

You-Know-What-Grinds-my-Gears-MemesMichael Vick, Eddy Curry, Barry Zito, Mike Hampton and now Eli Manning are five athletes that all received five of the worst contracts in all of sports history.

Vick earned $137 million in 10 years (2004), Curry earned $60 million in six years (2005), Zito earned $126 million in seven years (2006), Hampton earned $121 million in eight years (2001), and now a quarterback getting a four year $84 million contract when he has not taken his team to the playoffs since 2011.

What was wrong with these contracts you ask?

Two years into his contract, Vick was arrested for his dog fighting and was sentenced to 23 months in prison. Curry had zero consistency and would show up out of shape and with no motivation and played in three games in the ‘08-‘09 season and scored a total of 5 points. Even though Zito won the Cy Young in 2002; he did not show his worth at all in San Francisco when he went 43-61 with a 4.52 ERA in his time spent there. Once dominant in 1999, Hampton went downhill after two seasons with the Rockies and a record of 21-28 with a 5.75 ERA when at one point he was 22-4 with a 2.90 ERA.

Playing-BadFinally, Manning, a quarterback who had only one season where he averaged over 300 yards per game and only won 13 out of the 32 games. In 2013, Manning threw interceptions more than he threw touchdowns.

Yup, totally worth $21 million.

Granted, Manning did throw over 4,000 yards the previous season, but his 6-9 record that season doesn’t really help. Had Manning actually given his team a winning record and maybe brought them to the playoffs, he would certainly deserve this contract extension, but this was not the case. With big money, comes expected big plays; so for Giants’ fans sake, let’s hope that Manning doesn’t become the next Jay Cutler making $18 million a year and hasn’t made it to the playoffs since 2010.