Top 10 Athletes Who Would Make Good Presidents

As the presidential campaign nears, considering the best candidates for office is quite a challenge. But for now, lets take a break from official politics and consider which athletes would make the best presidents instead.

  1. LeBron James

Confident. Some may argue that James is overly confident, but his accomplishments don’t just happen. His mindset towards the game grants him the advantage that other players lack. He is able to bring a team successfully together and get the job done.

  1. Tom Brady

One word that Brady relates to is believability. He believes in himself, his team and his overall performance.He has shocked many sports fans with his ability to overcome obstacles and the setbacks he faced. Brady knows how to control a field and motivate a team, but he also knows to let others do their job. Being president is an effort of multiple people. His character would already represent that trait needed of a president.

  1. Derek Jeter

Focused. Jeter’s success did not happen overnight. His goals were reached by remaining focused on something he loved. His love for the game allowed him to have one of the most decorated careers in baseball. Always putting his team first is him a quality that would help him to be the ultimate team player.

  1. Cam Newton

As one of football’s rising stars, Newton’s career is just beginning. With already breaking Peyton Manning’s record for most passing yards by a rookie NFL quarterback, Newton’s potential is quite exciting. Striving to be the best, he does not accept losing. His competitive attitude gives him an edge that relates to his success. With that mindset, he has the potential to do whatever it takes to better himself and the nation for a position in office.

  1. Dwayne Wade

Hard work. That is the message Wade sends when he achieves all his successes. Without that determination, Wade would still be struggling economically, academically and athletically would not be where he is today. He really started from the bottom and made a name for himself that is recognized internationally.


  1. Wayne Gretzky

“Surround yourself with the people who raise you higher,” this quote applies to Gretzky’s attitude on and off the ice. He had the ability to elevate his teammates to the next level, making him widely considered hockey’s best player of all time. Being a team player, coach, business owner and father, gives him the many qualities that are required of what it is to be president.

  1. Missy Franklin

Although she is young, Franklin would one day make a reputable president. Having already accomplished so much in and out of the pool,  Franklin has proved to the U.S. to be hardworking, determined and intelligent. Her gifted abilities have given her so many opportunities. She is known as the “Golden Girl” in swimming because of her medal accomplishments and overall personality.


  1. Phil Mickelson

Being overshadowed by Tiger Woods for most of his career, he has consistently proved to be a talented “Lefty.” Mickelson is widely acknowledged as a good person. This would carry over into him knowing what is most important for our country.

  1. Peyton Manning

Manning may be one of the best role models in sports history. His ability to find success on the field evolves into his passion, drive, excellence and high standards he holds towards football. Manning  is viewed as very respectable by the public because of his class-act character. He is a good person on and off the field. Someone like Manning who is not involved in scandals, suspensions or problems would make a good candidate.


  1. Tim Tebow

Tebow may not have the best stats in the NFL, but he may be the best leader they have. As a quarterback, your job is to carry the team. He exceeds that position by not only carrying the team but also providing leadership skills that brings the team to success. Because he was recently released from the Eagles, his potential for being successful off the field remains high. He is not the type of person to allow a setback ruin his career. Already being picked up as a sports broadcaster shows his ability to move forward and still be productive.