Tom Brady’s Return to Foxborough

Week 4 of the 2021-2022 NFL season has one heck of a Cinderella story game on the way. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are facing the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on NBC at 8:20PM ET. So, what is the reason as to why this is an extremely hyped up game from fans and former players alike? Tom Brady is returning home for the first time since leaving the Patriots franchise in 2020.

After 20-seasons, 6-Super Bowl wins, and 11 straight years of winning the AFC East, this is going to be a bitter sweet reunion for New England fans.

Leading up to this Sunday night’s game, Tom Brady has posted multiple hype videos to his social media accounts.

The Homecoming video is 55-seconds of animations from the most memorable moments of Brady’s career with the Patriots franchise. In the video you can see Adam Vinatieri’s 45-yard field goal in a complete blizzard, Julian Edelman’s impossible SB Ll catch, and the moment that he won his sixth Super Bowl title. The video ends with Brady standing inside of Gillette stadium boasting his record 7-Super Bowl trophies.

Brady is also chasing history as he aims to break Drew Brees’ all time passing yards record, only needing 68 more yards. Unfortunately due to a rib injury longtime Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski won’t be able to return the field to celebrate his own return to Foxborough.

Just 2-hours ago, Brady posted yet another hype video to his Twitter account

This video really pulls on the heart strings of New England fans, myself included. The voiceover of this video is inspirational and touching alone, but adding the footage of Brady and his teammates during and after their six Super Bowl title games, hits a soft spot. The video then cuts away to a more upbeat tone after switching to Brady in his Buccaneer uniform.

Earlier this week when asked about how he wants this homecoming game to end, Brady replied “I want to kick their butt”. Seeing as the Bucs are 2-1, and New England has had constant struggles in the past three games, this quote seems like more of a promise than it is a threat.

The New England Patriots host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Gillette Stadium on NBC at 8:20PM ET.