The Bieber Curse

Selena Gomez isn’t the only one who wants to stay away from Justin Bieber these days. Bieber hangs out with a lot of athletes and attends sports games regularly, but if teams know what’s good for them they will have their security keep him away at all costs. Whenever Bieber hangs out with members of the team before the game, or attends games, the team seems to lose.bieber curse 1

However, the New England Patriots were able to overcome the Bieber curse when they beat the San Diego Chargers on Dec. 7, after team members were reported to have hung out with Bieber. Tight end, Rob Gronkowski, was seen hanging out with Bieber after a Clipper’s game. When asked if he was worried about the curse affecting their upcoming game against San Diego he said:

“We’re just on to San Diego,” Gronkowski replied, via “We’re just worried about the Chargers, man.”

The fact that the Patriots still pulled the win should make teams feel a little better about the curse, but the history of the Bieber curse should still make teams wary of him.

The most recent victim of the Bieber curse is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Bieber reportedly attended a Bible Study with the Steeler’s the Saturday night before they lost to the New York Jets 20-13. The Jets record at the time was 1-8. Wow, now that’s just embarrassing.

bieber curse 2

Another classic case of the curse is when Bieber attended Lebron James’ homecoming game with The Cavalier’s against the Knicks and they lost 95-90.
Johnny Manziel also made the mistake of hanging out with the Bieb’s and lost his starting position as quarterback with The Browns to Brian Hoyer. Sucks.bieber curse 3

Bieber also previously attended The New York Knicks season opener against the Chicago Bulls and initiated a loss for them and a pretty bad one at that; 104-80 was the final score.

So yeah, basically it is in the team’s best interest to keep Bieber away from the players and the games.