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Super Bowl by the Numbers

With the Super Bowl less then two days away, let’s take a look at some of the interesting numbers that you may not know about heading into the last game of the NFL season between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

For Denver:

55: The number of touchdowns that Peyton Manning threw for this past regular season, an NFL record.

5,477: The number of passing yards that Manning accounted for, also an NFL record.

3: This will be the third trip to the Super Bowl for Manning, with his record being 1-1   (29-17 win over Chicago in 2006, 31-17 loss to New Orleans in 2009).

46.3%: Denver’s third down conversion percentage during the regular season, second in the league to the San Diego Chargers (49%).

340.3: The number of passing yards per game that Manning threw for this season tops in the NFL.

101.6: The amount of rushing yards that Denver gave up per game during the regular season (Eighth in the NFL).

12-4: Denver’s road record over the past two seasons.


For Seattle:

136.8: Average number of rushing yards per game gained by Seattle’s offense. (Fourth in the NFL)

172: Average number of passing yards allowed per game by Seattle’s defense during the regular season, which was good for best in the NFL.

28: Total number of interceptions made by the Seattle defense during the regular season (first in the NFL), including 13 combined from All-Pro’s Richard Sherman (Cornerback) and Earl Thomas (Safety).

0: The number of Seattle players with Super Bowl experience.

8: The number of losses that the Seahawks have had away from their home stadium over the last two years.

17-1: Seattle’s record at home (incl. the playoffs) over the last two seasons.

10-8: Seattle’s road record (incl. the playoffs) over the past two seasons.

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