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Shaun White Dethroned at Halfpipe, Now What?

Sochi, Russia – The Winter Games in Sochi have been a whirlwind of history making, shockers, and excitement. However, U.S fans were shocked on Feb. 11 when they saw one of their medal-favored athletes go down.

Shaun White went home without a medal last week after coming in fourth in the men’s halfpipe but his career is far from over.

White won gold in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics and hoped to be the seventh person to win three gold medals in a row in a single event, which would have been the halfpipe. Instead Iouri Podladtchikov of Switzerland, a good friend of White took home the gold. Sliver and Bronze was awarded to two Japanese snowboarders.

During the event, White found out the Make-A-Wish foundation sent children who survived cancer to have their wish granted to see him compete. White stopped by during the event to say hello to the survivors. After the event White gave his away snowboards he used for competition to them.

The next day White appeared on NBC “Today” to discuss about the event. Matt Lauer interviewed him as fans in the background cheered for White. Lauer asked if he would come back for the next Winter Games in 2018.

“I think so,” White said. He explained that he needs everybody more than ever which he refers to his fans.                       

He said that night did not make or break his career and said how it was not his night for the halfpipe event. According to Facebook, White is the most talked about in the Olympics games so far even if he failed to medal.

Even before the games began, White and a handful of snowboarders complained about the poor conditions of the slopestyle and halfpipe course. 

White withdrew from the slopestyle event after hurting his wrist and wanting to concentrate on the halfpipe. He received criticism and smack talk from some Canadian snowboarders who ironically did not medal at the slopestyle competition.

White only focused on Sochi for the last year. He did not participate in the Winter 2014 X Games prior to the Olympics to avoid injury.

The Winter X Games is a popular sports event in the winter where athletes compete in snowboarding, free style skiing and many more. White is the first to medal in both Summer and Winter X games and has the most medals count.

For now, White is taking a break from snowboarding to tour with his band (Yes he is in a band) called Bad Things. They released their first album this year.

He is expected to go back to snowboarding hopefully for the Winter X games 2015 and build up his medal count and to redeem himself from the Olympics.

In 2018, the winter games will be hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea where White will be 31. Does White have another Olympics in him?