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BU Women’s Volleyball Team

Katie Ricci, Amy Harcourt, Sarah Spangler, Katy Robinson, Michelle Mandile, Kristian Diore, Nicole Sokolovich, Leah Krill, Hillary Newlin, Abbie Demcher, Ann Silverthorn, Maricia Douglas, Colleen Gamble, Britney Garritano, Brooke Ferguson, Laura Harcourt, Mattie Casanova

With the end of the 2011 – 2012 season, the Women’s Club Volleyball team here at Bloomsburg University has a promising season to look forward to next year, and a thousand memories to look back on

The team is split into two separate teams, A team and B team.  In November, the A team traveled to a tournament at the University of Connecticut while the B team traveled to LaFayette College.  Later on in the spring, the team held a tournament here at Bloomsburg, where the A team went on to finish in first place.  In February, the A team journeyed to the University of Delaware where they didn’t do as well as they wanted, but kept their heads up for the future tournament.  The following week, both teams ventured off to New Jersey for a tournament at Princeton University.  In the end, the A team was only one win away from going onto the playoffs.   Although the Lady Huskies weren’t highly successful in their away tournaments, they were able to win their home tournament.  Hopefully the girls can make a more prosperous season next year.

Captain, Katie Ricci, had a few words to say about this year’s season.  “I think we played hard and got along very well this year, but we had trouble getting everything to flow together during games at some points.  I’m hoping the girls can improve next year and win a few more tournaments.  We were able to win our home tournament by beating Temple, which was the most important goal for this year.  All in all, I’m proud of my team, and I’m so happy I got to spend my senior year with them.”

This year’s players are as followed: Katie Ricci, Laura Harcourt, Ann Silverthorn, Kristian Diore, Brooke Ferguson, Leah Krill, Sarah Spangler, Colleen Gamble, Abbie Demcher, Ally Warhola, Michelle Mandile, Mattie Casanova, Amy Harcourt, Britney Garritano, Katy Robinson, Maricia Douglas, Nicole Sokolovich, and Hillary Newlin.  The team was run by senior Katie Ricci and junior Laura Harcourt.